Ultimate Resume For Targeting Australian Recruiters

ultimate resume

By following this blog post, you can astonish recruiters by creating an ultimate resume according to the Australian job market standards. We’re here to make your post-COVID job search easier and trouble-free. So stay with us till the end of this blog!

Points that Help in Acceptance from Aussies Recruiters

Australians are easygoing in nature, hence their recruiters value professionalism and confidence the most. Therefore, make sure not to lose a chance due to overconfidence or arrogance. 

Consider projecting your professionalism and competence in your resume however don’t go overboard that it might sound as self posting. It is essential that you must keep in mind to create a balance. 

An Australian Resume Structure

Now that you have an idea about the cultural context according to which you’ll be crafting your ultimate resume, let’s consider some basics regarding the structure of the resume. 

Checklist Regarding Length of Resume:

  • Don’t go for a summarized resume, Australian recruiters encourage a detailed one. 
  • Going over 5 pages is not advisable while creating a resume. 
  • A best-suited resume is 3-4 pages long which is also believed and considered to be most appropriate regarding the detail it contains. 

An Ideal Resume’s Formatting:

  • Keeping the formatting simple should be the first preference. 
  • A universally acceptable font size must is acceptable, so make sure you use that style. 
  • Avoid usage of tables or graphics, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) considers them misleading. 

Grammar and Spelling:

  • The English dialect and vocabulary used in your ultimate resume should target the country you’re applying in.
  • Get rid of spelling or grammatical errors!

What Should be The Paper Size:

  • Use A4 paper when printing your resume.
  • Use a paper size other than a US Letter (8″ x 11″).

An Australian Resume Sample Format

In this section, we’ll be referring to a sample resume and hence explain why it works best with Australian recruiters. 


Unlike in other countries, it is not considered good practice to include your picture at the very beginning of your resume. 


On a resume, the headline shows under your name and serves as a sort of slogan. It should be the top priority to match your headline to the position you’re applying for in a firm.

Include certifications in this section as well and categorize your area of expertise.

Your Professional Profile

This is where you can brand yourself. It is considered adequate to utilise this section to describe the broad experience, qualifications, and areas of expertise. Even better, go one step farther and get straight to the point of what makes you unique and competent for that specific job. 

Your Employment Summary 

In a study conducted back in 2012, it was reported that recruiters spend only 6 seconds on average evaluating a resume. It was discovered during the same research that most of the time, recruiters are mostly concentrated on the name, job title, company, and period of employment. Hence, it’s critical that you provide this data at the start of the resume. Another practice that is particular when it comes to Aussie recruiters is that they typically consider your jobs over the last 10 years. Therefore, only go back in time if you have a lot of relevant prior experience.

Your Accomplishments

In this part of the resume, recruiters will presume you to dig down into the technical aspects of your jobs. Also, you must highlight your core competencies in a style that appeals to an Australian recruiter. 

Since Australians dislike overconfidence and like to see accomplishments as reality. Here are some ideas for how to go about it:

  • Refraining from first person referencing
  • Avoid 3rd person references 
  • Avoiding self-boasting factual accomplishment

Your Academic Records

Include the name and major of your degree, as well as the awarding institution, to emphasize your academic and professional qualifications. However, there is no need to include the year of completion of a specific degree and the educational details that are no longer of importance (eg. high school).

Additional Details 

Apart from your prior work experience and accomplishments, there are a few more things you should include on your resume to help you gain employment quickly:

  • Volunteer Activities
  • Professional Certifications 
  • Awards 


Recruiters in Australia, like any security professionals in the digital age, understand the limitations of data protection and don’t expect to see referee names, addresses, or phone numbers on your resume.

Additional Recommendations

  • Do not just copy resume templates from the internet. That’s a surefire technique to blend in with the rest of the candidates.
  • A thorough focus on online appearance should be considered. LinkedIn has a really important role in the Australian recruitment sector. It should be considered a top element of a user’s professional identity.
  • Be calm: Due to a large number of stakeholders and high expectations, Australian recruitment processes might take a long time.
  • Be vigilant: Make every effort to arrive on time for any calls or appointments.

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